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Glycomics: Changing Clinical Care

The microbiome taught us the critical importance of small, complex structures. The study of glycomics investigates the many sugars present throughout the body and their numerous functions. In just one hour, Dr. Helen Messier provides an overview of glycans and their relevance to many health conditions. She also reveals how one glycan-based structure, the endothelial glycocalyx, affects human health. Learn specific strategies to support the endothelial glycocalyx and improve vascular outcomes in your practice.

This conversation will include:

  • An overview of glycomics and our increased understanding of its importance
  • An example of the endothelial glycocalyx as a vital glycome in the vascular system
  • A summary of the endothelial glycocalyx's many roles in the body
  • A review of data on Arterosil as a restorative agent and glycotherapeutic for the endothelial glycocalyx
  • Why a healthy endothelial glycocalyx matters for patients with a variety of risk factors

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