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Your Own Smart Barrier

The glycocalyx is the inner lining of all your blood vessels. Amazingly, there’s about 60,000 miles of blood vessels inside your body — that’s enough to circle the Earth more than twice! The glycocalyx is found in every single blood vessel, and it’s critically important toScreen Shot 2021-03-31 at 9.06.22 AM your health.

Here’s why…

The glycocalyx is what we call a “smart barrier:” it decides what’s allowed to pass from your blood through the artery walls, and what’s kept out. That includes cholesterol. You’ve heard about “bad cholesterol” or LDL. What you need to remember is that LDL can only  cause problems if it lodges in the artery wall. A healthy glycocalyx can slow or stop that from happening. 

The Guardian for Your Blood Vessels. 

Your glycocalyx is slippery smooth and astonishingly thin. Unfortunately, it’s also extremely fragile. Sugar, stress, inflammation, sickness, even aging… any of these can severely compromise the glycocalyx. But here’s the good news: Arterosil is clinically proven to protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx.

Healthy GlycocalyxArterosil has been the focus of many scientific studies: human, animal, and laboratory. It is known to protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx. That’s hugely important for your vascular system. And of course, every organ in your body depends on healthy blood flow.

Arterosil is made from a rare edible seaweed, and is completely natural.

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